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Weekends were made for fishing (smile)

Posted by stephen on March 15, 2013

stephen-browning-day200.pngDay 2 total: 10-15 - 38th Place
It was nice to add a zero, in a good way, to the total today. It's on to the weekend. I'm on some good water and I'm confident they'll be there again tomorrow. With the projected cut being around 25 - 26 lbs., it's still possible to get a ticket to Sunday. Not going to be easy. But it's possible. With more bags in the double digits today, the warming water along with guys learning a thing or two about how to catch them here, it's time to take it up a notch.

The decision to change water today definitely paid off. I caught my fish on a Z-man Chatterbait and my Jewel Jig. Two on each. I also caught several short fish. But man, that 1-14 fish yesterday meant a ton. It's kept me in the game. I'm heading back to my area tomorrow and going to mix in some additional techniques to add some numbers and weight. Going to keep my head down and grind me some out. There are still a lot of points at stake that I can make tomorrow and with the right bites, the top 12 is not out of the question. Two good kickers and hello Sunday.

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