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Way to go Beau

Posted by stephen on August 5, 2016


I couldn’t be more proud after finishing up our week in Mylan, Tennessee.  My son Beau and his partner McCoy won the Junior Bassmaster Championship yesterday on Carroll County Lake.  We arrived late last Friday after driving through a storm.  The boys were excited and bouncing off the walls when we got there, but they were ready to fish.  Last year they struggled at the tough fishery, so it’s that much more gratifying for them to get the win this go round.


It’s been nice to do things like this and spend time with the family for the past few weeks.  We did have ICast in Orlando back in mid-July which was also a good time.  It’s always a rat race, being on your feet from 8am-6pm every day.  I bounced around between a few different booths throughout the day.  It was great catching up with all my sponsors and getting to preview some cool new products.

All of my sponsors have some great new products coming out, but I am particularly excited about the new LiveTarget swimbaits, new additions to the Z-Man T.R.D. line and a new line of high end St. Croix rods.  I got my hands on some of the swimbaits and was very impressed after throwing it around some this week in Tennessee.  With St. Croix, our new cranking rod won best of show.  Those will be coming out late fall so keep an eye out for that.  We also have a new rod in the works specifically for throwing oversized crankbaits.

It’s been a fun, but busy past few weeks as we’ve been blowing and going.  We’ll be headed to the Potomac here shortly which starts next week which I am excited for.  We’re coming down the home stretch of the season and I’m in a decent spot in the points.  The last two regular season events should fish the way I like being that they are shallow river systems.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been to the Potomac, but from what I’ve heard about the grass coming back; it could be as good as it’s ever been.

After we get back from the Potomac we’ll have some real downtime which I’m looking forward to.  Lately, I have managed to get some golf in along with some fishing with Beau.  We filmed a video from his Youtube Channel: Beau Know’s Outdoor’s this past week.  I’m looking forward to doing some more of the same the week after the Potomac, but for now, it’s time to gear back up to head to Washington, D.C. -SB