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Trophy Trout Fishing on Thanksgiving

Posted by stephen on December 4, 2015


The past month has been a pretty relaxing one.  This is one of the times of year that I get to spend a lot more time with my family and I really enjoy it.  For the holidays and my son Beau’s birthday, we rented a camper and spent time chasing stream trout off of Norfork Lake in Arkansas.  The area is for people sixteen years old and less so Beau wanted to get after some trout with the fly rod while he’s still young enough.

Beau had a great time catching anywhere from thirty to fifty trout a day, mostly on a two weight fly rod.  Mixing it up with brown and rainbow trout he hooked into a couple nice fish of each variety in the five pound class.  It is quite the fight on that fly rod and it was fun just watching him fight them.  The weather didn’t exactly cooperate with us while we were there.  It rained from daylight to dark everyday and temperatures were in the forties.  I was on landing duty, which after this trip I will have to make some adjustments to.  We were using one of the small fly fishing nets which I would compare to a minnow net.  It was a task getting those big trout into the “minnow net” and next time I’ll be bringing a much bigger one with a longer handle.

Fishing hasn’t been the highest priority lately.  This is also the time of year that deer hunting is king and it’s something that I always enjoy.  I have ordered my new Triton boat for the 2016 season and it should be here shortly.  I’ll take it up to Hodges Marine at Bull Shoals Lake to rig the motor and jackplate once it gets in.  I’ve already got someone to buy my old boat too.  Having done this a time or two before, I’ve learned to hold on to my old one until the new one comes.  Otherwise it seems like an eternity, not being able to fish whenever you have the chance.

As for what’s in store in the coming months, I’ll be doing a lot more prefishing once January rolls around.  The past season has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m going to make some adjustments to my regiment.  Bull Shoals and Norfork are right up the road so I’ll be spending a good bit of time up there.  I have fished both, but the last time I visited Norfork for a tournament was in the late 80’s or early 90’s, so it’s been awhile.  They are both great lakes to fish in the winter and I’m looking forward to poking around up there.  For the next month though it looks like I’ll have some more time to spend with my family and in the woods which sounds good to me.  -SB