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Tough Conditions and a Tough Bite for Me Day 1

Posted by stephen on February 21, 2014


Well, tomorrow is a new day.  I really struggled today to find what I was looking for and it’s going to make it extremely hard to come back at a big fish factory like Guntersville.  It seems like my style in a way, which is funny; at Amistad I had a terrible day one, but managed to make a run at it.  I’m not saying this is the kind of tournament where that can happen, but you never know.  This place has the potential to put out 30 lb bags.  I’m definitely hopeful that tomorrow will bring a totally different outcome.

My best areas were muddied up from the storms last night.  Tomorrow I’m just going to go fishing.  Going out with an open mind should help me shake today off.  I’ll be looking for clearer water with grass that holds some big ones.  I’m going to change up baits and cadences tomorrow until I figure it out.  I really appreciate all the support of friends, family, and sponsors.  I’m going out tomorrow and swinging for the fences.  Nothing is over until Sunday.  I’m ready to hit the water in the morning for day 2 of the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic. – SB