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The 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic Practice Has Concluded

Posted by stephen on February 19, 2014


(Photo: Seigo Saito)

Well, the only thing left is to get this thing started.  The official practice period is now over and Friday morning myself and the other competitor’s will be vying for the coveted Bassmaster Classic.  I’m definitely excited and as I said before I think this will be one for the record books.  There are not too many other lake’s in the country that have this many four to six pound fish swimming around.  Guntersville is a special place.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch about fifteen that are in that range this weekend and give myself a chance to win the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic.

Today’s practice went well.  I was encouraged as I got more bites today than I had any of the other practice days.  I managed to get a six pound bite today as well, which really reassures me of the potential of the area I’m going to fish.  I’m definitely not one of those run and gun type of fishermen, and I intend to grind it out and fish my strengths.

My goal is 30 lbs a day, and I think Friday will be the best day to really catch them, before this weekend boat traffic.  I’ve got to maximize the potential of my area and I don’t intend to back off my fish unless I’m around that 30 lb mark.  This is the Bassmaster Classic and we all want to win it.  You can’t hold anything back in this kind of tournament.  It is the pinnacle of our sport and a win can make your career.  I’m looking to give it everything I’ve got this weekend and give myself a chance to be in the elite club of Classic winners.

Make sure to tune in to Bassmaster.com for live weigh-ins beginning Friday at 3pm CT. -SB