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Take a Vet Fishing

Posted by stephen on September 5, 2016


Official practice in LaCrosse, Wisconsin has started and this is the final event of the regular Elite Series season.  I left early on Saturday morning after sticking around Friday to see my son’s golf tournament.  I’m proud of him, he’s in ninth grade this year and made his high school team.  The two of us had been doing a lot of golfing in between our event at the Potomac River and now.  


I did manage to cash a check at the Potomac which has me in a little better position to make the Angler of the Year championship next week on Mille Lacs.  The bite was extremely slow over there at the Potomac.  I like fishing down south on the river and focused mostly on Aquia and Potomac Creek.  I fished by the seat of my pants every day, but was able to get a few quality bites throughout the event which really carried me.

Looking back at the event, it seemed like most of the guys that did the best were north of Mattawoman Creek.  There were a couple of us down on the south part of the river that made checks, but overall it was largely dominated by the northern fisherman.  One of those fisherman that I did share some water with was Jared Lintner.  He managed to catch a big bag one of the days down where we were both fishing.  Despite the heavy weight, after we spoke about it, he said he only got five bites the whole day.

After getting home from the Potomac, I had the privilege of taking some veterans out fishing.  I always donate a trip for a golf benefit tournament and this year got to fish with a couple of great guys.  Chris Short is a veteran of the Afghan War and lost his leg after running over an IED.  Clyde Shirron is a veteran of the Vietnam War.  I had a great time sharing the boat with Chris and Clyde and we managed to catch a few fish as well.

Once I made it up north this weekend, I decided to hit some of the pools that we wouldn’t be fishing in the tournament to get a feel for what the fish are doing this time of year.  Usually we come a little earlier in the year, so the fishing will be different.  With the grass further along it will be harder to get around which should help eliminate a lot of water.  There is about seventy to eighty miles of river to fish and there will be plenty to cover though.

I’ve been lucky enough to cash every time we’ve come to LaCrosse and I’ll need another good event this time around.  I’m figuring I need to be somewhere in the top twenty five in this one to make Mille Lacs next week.  A top twenty five will probably put me somewhere in the thirties.  The points are very close from between the guys in the thirties to fiftieth, so this week will mean a lot to myself and a lot of other anglers. -SB