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Staying positive no matter what happens

Posted by stephen on May 12, 2013

(photo: Steve Bowman)

When your morning starts off with your battery charger unplugged followed by a flat tire on the way to the ramp, signs that this might not be your day start creeping in. But that's when you have to stay positive and keep grinding. If you're not pushing yourself and staying positive in this game, you might as well just get out of the way. I got a job to do. A dead battery and flat tire isn't about to stand in my way.

With that behind me and quite a bit of ground to make up to make the cut, I hit the water determined to make it happen. And although I had a good day, putting a heavy 14-12 on the scales, it wasn't enough to make up for an 8-7 day-one bag and making it to the weekend.

I just went back and reviewed what I think I might have done wrong on day-one and made some adjustments. I think it was mainly that I fishing a bit out of my comfort zone. And I was chasing spots with baits that I probably shouldn't have been chasing them with. And I never really got started. Day two was a different story when I started off the morning with a 3 1/2 pounder. And rather than grind all-day to put together a limit, I had a limit within the first hour and a half on day two. Those first couple of hours in the day are critical and day one it just didn't happen. So the next day I made some adjustments, made a 30 mile run and was able to put together a pretty decent day.

I made an adjustment on my baits as well. I switched up to a bait that I helped design with Jewel Baits - called the Mag 5. It's more of a casting jig that I was throwing in Black & Blue with a sapphire blue chunk and just went fishing. When I lifted the trolling motor at the end of the day, it turned out to be a good day but just not enough.

So we're off to Logan Martin for the Bassmaster Southern Open in Pell City, Alabama. Then we're much needed break for a month. Looking forward to spending a little time and home and recharging with the family. Happy Mother's Day - SB