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Staying Positive at the Delaware is the Name of the Game

Posted by stephen on August 8, 2014

 SB Delaware Day 1.jpg

(Photo: James Overstreet)

Well, I squeaked in to the top 50 cut for tomorrow at the Delaware River.  As I said before, this quite possibly will be the toughest tournament I’ve ever been a part of and my opinion hasn’t changed after two tournament days.  As tough as this tournament has shaped up to be, staying positive and having patience and focus has been the difference.  I’ve not had many bites the past two days, but I’ve made sure when I do get one that I put it in the boat.  That’s what these tough tournaments are all about.  When opportunities are at a premium, capitalizing on the few you are given can mean the difference between finishing in 70th and making a top 12.

Today, like yesterday, was a grind.  I have one key area where I’ve been able to manage a few bites and I’ve been milking it.  On a tidal fishery like this you have a short window of opportunity that is only about two hours of the tournament day.  Otherwise, you are basically wasting your time at a certain spot. 

Once you figure out where they are on a certain tide you can usually duplicate catching one, but with a limited choice on areas like this is makes this area all that more important.  I do have about twenty spots that I will run and gun hoping to get a couple lucky bites, but so far they have failed to produce.  Tomorrow is a new day a hopefully if I can remain as focused as I have been and stay positive throughout the tough times of the day I can be rewarded.  The top 12 cut for tomorrow would take a huge bag in order to flirt with, but all I’m trying to do is catch five and see where the chips fall.  There are some big bags out there as Boyd, Ike, and Shaw Grigsby have shown us.  Those kind of bags on the Delaware are like a 30 lb bag anywhere else!

Tomorrow is all about patience, staying positive, and doing what I can to put five in the boat.  I’m glad to be in the first cut and hopefully I can make a push in the Angler of the Year points.  Luckily, I’ve already qualified for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, but like most guys that have also qualified, I want to double qualify.  It’s a huge blessing to have that weigh lifted off my shoulders, but like all these guys out here, I’m a competitor and want to do well every tournament.  Let’s get out and see what happens tomorrow in the city of brotherly love. -SB