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Sometimes you have to think small instead of big

Posted by stephen on May 6, 2013

(photo - Jim Sexton)

11.1 - 76th Place.

Not the tournament I was looking for to follow up a win on the Red River. But it was the tournament I was expecting. It was tough out there. Unfortunately, the timing of our visit to West Point wasn't the best. And nothing against the area or the people of LaGrange, GA — they treated us well on and off the water. The bass though? They didn't want anything to do with us. They were all spawned out and just not in the mood.

In hindsight, the encouraging signs I received from largemouth bites on my Z-Man Chatterbait in practice might have made me a little too stubborn. Rather than down-size and try and fill a bag of spotted bass, I concentrated on getting the bigger bites that could make a difference in a small bag tournament like this. So instead of listening to the bass, I tried to force feed them. Result: not a winning strategy.

So the guys that were dragging Carolina-rigs and downsizing slowly filled a bag of 10-12 pounds to stay in the hunt. Meanwhile I was waiting for that big bite that never came. When I finally did switch up, it was a little too little too late. Lesson learned.

On to the Arkansas River. See you on the water - SB