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Sometimes good weather isn’t the best thing

Posted by stephen on August 12, 2013

(photo - seigo saito)

For most events associated with the Great Lakes, weather can play a major roll. This time, the good weather made the good even better. The good weather opened up the opportunities for more guys to make longer runs and it paid off. Looking back on the event, I don't think I would have done anything different.

I stuck to the river and found my fish dragging a tube in 40+ plus feet of water. I did have a tough break on day 1 when a two pounder died on me. I could have benefited from culling that one out, so that one hurt me a bit. But I averaged 17 1/2 pounds over the three days and I figured from the get go that it would take 20 lbs a day to win this event. And that's what it ended up taking.

After stopping at Niagara Falls on the way back to Arkansas, 15 hours on the road gave me time to put the St. Lawrence behind me and to start thinking about the Detroit River. Much like this event, techniques that aren't really in my wheelhouse will come into play. Deep, clear water finesse fishing. Not to worry though. Just because I don't do it a lot, doesn't mean I can't do it well. Patience, determination and experience — that's all on board when we gear up again in a couple weeks.