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Sight Fishing Spectacle at the St. John's

Posted by stephen on March 21, 2014


(Photo: Andrew Lawrence)

Have you ever gotten the invite to a party, but decided not to go because it was going to be way to crowded?  That's how it felt this week at the St. John's River.  The area which nearly half of the field fished, was where a majority of the highest guys in the standings are.  The thing is, it was an option for me, but I decided against it on day one of the tournament.  In my mind, with my later boat number, I figured it would be almost impossible to find a place to fish so I decided against that.  Unfortunately, just going fishing wasn't really the deal this week and I found that out the hard way.

In practice, like many of the other competitor's, I spent my time on the trolling motor, doing more looking than actually fishing.  Anytime a tournament lines up when the fish are on beds, that will be the case for most anglers.  A popular spot on Lake George was home to a lot of fish, but the thing is, almost everyone else in the field found them there too.  As I've mentioned before, sight fishing isn't my preferred way to catch them and at Seminole I was lucky to be able to catch a lot of them other ways.  I really felt that I could make that happen here as well.

It just didn't happen for me here.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and I know now that sticking it out and bumping elbows with all those guys probably would have led to a better finish, but it's fishing.  If we always made the right decision it wouldn't be as challenging as it is.  To be honest, these two events scared me the most, so I was definitely happy to get a good finish at Seminole.  Looking ahead to the next four events has got me excited for sure.  All of the fisheries are fairly close to where I live and I have a good deal of tournament experience on all of them.  Table Rock, Red River, Toledo Bend, and Dardanelle are all places I feel like I can do well. I'm going to be back in my element and I can't wait to have a chance to redeem myself after this tournament.  The sight fishing deal should be nearly over at these fisheries and hopefully I can do some pattern fishing.  -SB