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Sabine River Post Show

Posted by stephen on March 17, 2013

sabine200.jpg2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge
49th Place - 10.15

After blanking on Saturday, what would I have done differently? I spent a little too much time running water that I rolled the dice on. I spent too much time in muddy water and it just didn't paid off. The heavier weekend local traffic had me hunting for less pressured water, and in hindsight, I should have probably dealt with the local traffic in the spots that had been productive for me and just worked them for all they were worth.

The local traffic on the river is a little different then most of the areas we fish on the Elite trail. They're on the water down here to catch fish and put food on the table. Can't fault them for that. I knew the areas I had mapped were going to be popular with the local crowd. It was my decision to make the gamble. We can only do our best to work a little slower in the traffic and pickup what we can. And I wasn't the only one banking on the area. There were about half dozen of us sharing the area including Kelly Jordan, Keith Combs, Takahiro, Boyd Duckett and a few others.

It was just a tough tournament, but it's good to get a little taste of reality now and then. I was sticking with my confidence baits, the Jewel Jig and Z-Man Chatterbait, but I ended up digging deep in the locker to cover the whole column of water thinking they might have pulled off the cover. But looking back, I think they might have just been clinging tighter and I should have slowed down and been a little more meticulous.

One things for sure though, I made 150 mile round trips Friday and Saturday, and my Mercury powered Triton gave me one less thing to worry about since I didn't have to stop for gas like most of the guys. That makes a difference when every cast counts.

So fish and learn and do better next time. We're on to the Falcon Slam.