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Rough Fishing at the Rock

Posted by stephen on September 30, 2015

Stephen Fish Catch Ft Gibson.JPG

(Photo: Shaye Baker)

Well, practice is over for the final Bassmaster Central Open at the Rock.  It’s definitely fishing tough as it usually does this time of year, but I’m ok with that.  I think right around that fourteen pounds a day mark will give you a chance to win.  I’ve had some keeper bites, but overall it’s scattered.  One day you catch ‘em and the next you don’t.  We’ve also got a big cold front moving through so it should make it even more interesting.

This event is going to be all about timing.  I’ve seen a lot of people fishing the same areas.  You could fish through it, never get a bite and then the next guy pulls in and catches them.  That’s what could happen here, so grinding it out and fishing for five bites will be key.  You just can’t lose any. 

I’m right in the hunt to win the points so that’s something I’m really gunning for too.  Honestly, it doesn’t get you anything, but to myself and many of the other angler’s it means a whole lot.  I know how hard it is and the fact that I even have a chance is big.  Whenever you are this close you want it even more.  All that’s left is to go grind ‘em out and get my five bites a day and see where it puts me.

On a side note, what helped get me in contention to winning the points was a solid event at Fort Gibson.  Truly, with how tough it is at the Rock I am wishing we were there.  There aren’t nearly as many places for the fish to hide there.  I was getting anywhere from seven to nine keeper bites a day in practice leading up to that one.  I knew I needed somewhere in that forty pound range for three days to have a chance and the fish I was on were the right ones.  I had one area where I could catch a couple keepers each day and then I would just grind.  The first day I had seven keepers, day two six, and the third day only four.  Day two I lost a five pounder at the boat which hurt, but the most disappointing thing was not having a limit on day three.  All in all it’s always great to make the cut and have a chance to win, but with not qualifying for the Classic yet, winning is huge.  Hopefully, we can kill two birds with one stone here at the Rock! -SB