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Ready for Ross Barnett

Posted by stephen on April 26, 2017

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We just finished up practice at Ross Barnett and it’s definitely been a grind.  These fish seem to be mostly in the postspawn phase and because of it they are in a bit of a lull.  Practice has been frustrating, but I have figured out one little deal where I can catch them.  I’ve been here a few times in the past and the fact that it’s not a very big lake helps you figure things out a little quicker.  To be honest, I think the fishing will get better throughout the event too.  We have warming weather and I wouldn’t read too much into practice as a whole.  The lake has got some big fish and they have showed up throughout the winter and spring in the local events.  Although practice has been tough, I’m optimistic that it will turn into a great event.

Ever since finishing up the debacle at Toledo Bend, I’ve been heavily dedicated to setting the stage for success in the second half of the season.  I went and spent time on both Rayburn and Dardanelle to get ready for those next Elite events.  This four tournament swing including Toledo, Ross Barnett, Rayburn and Dardanelle are all in my wheelhouse.  We started off slow, but I’m focused on turning the train around in the next three.  I’ve had some success at all of those fisheries and specifically at Ross Barnett I’ve been in the top twenty in each of the events I’ve fished here in the past.  It fits my eye for sure.

Toledo was Toledo.  It was what we expect to get when we go to there, but throughout practice I never really found what I needed.  I got into a couple areas I thought I could grind out thirteen to fifteen pounds, but something never felt right.  I normally don’t mind that grind it out style of event, but I was just never able to get into that all important rhythm.  Toledo is a place that I either seem to do real well or stink it up.  I’ve made several final day cuts there, but unfortunately this year it fell into the later category.

Going into the second half of the season we’re down in the points, but it doesn’t both me.  In reality I’ve got about forty spots to move up to get inside that Classic cut and you can knock half of those spots out with one really good event here this week at Ross Barnett.  We should have some solid weights this week and hopefully I can stay with them and grind them out enough to tap into some of those bigger bags they have here. -SB