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ProjectZ and Kissimmee

Posted by stephen on January 12, 2015

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Well, it’s raining like crazy right now.  We’ve easily had 4-5 inches of rain today in Kissimmee, Florida.  It hasn’t exactly been ideal conditions for practicing for the first Bassmaster Southern Open so far, but that’s looking up as the temperatures are about to increase after extremely cold weather so far.  I made it over here Saturday after participating in Project Z at nearby Bienville Plantation with Z-Man Lures.  Let me tell you, it’s going to be the best one’s yet.  I can’t go into too much detail, but I can say that I caught my biggest fish every on camera at 10 lbs 12 ounces!  Needless to say, it was a phenomenal time.

As far as Toho and Kissimmee go, it’s fishing much like the last time I was here…tough.  This place in January seems to have my number.  With so much water that looks the same, it’s almost overwhelming.  The big thing here is that you know they live here.  Giant’s live in the matted vegetation and Kissimmee grass that surrounds these lake’s so you are never really out of it.  One big bite can take you from a zero to hero and it seems that I’ve always been able to catch some of them in practice in the past.  This time though, I’m trying not to stick as many fish in the hope’s that I can save those big girls for when it matters.

It will almost certainly take some monster bags in order to win this event, as it usually does.  In this kind of grind it out tournament though; ten pounds a day can do a man good.  It’s either feast or famine here so I’m hoping I can put it together by tournament time.  It’s going to be all about maintaining my bites.  Time management here is also key.  A man can get stuck in the lock and put a good beating on his boat going to Kissimmee each day.  I’m planning to spend some time at both Kissimmee and Toho with the hope’s that I’ll be able to find enough fish to take me to Saturday. -SB