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Preseason Preparations for the 2017 Season

Posted by stephen on January 24, 2017

Tackle for 2017.jpg

We’re getting that much closer to kicking off another Elite Series season.  With the Cherokee Lake event only a couple weeks away, I’ve been working hard to get everything in order to take on 2017.  I just got in the new Triton on the 13th and got it in to have it and the truck wrapped.  All of the new tackle and Raymarine units have been trickling in and the packing and rigging has begun.

I have been managing to get out on the water some this past month though.  Beau and I actually got to fish a little New Year’s tournament together on Lake Hamilton which was pretty cool.  We’ve been talking about it for the last few years and it was nice that we were finally able to do it.  We caught tons of fish and he caught one nice one too, but were just a half pound out of the money.  Overall, it was a fun day and that’s what it’s all about.

These lakes around the house get really good this time of year and one of the best parts of it all is that a man can catch them just about any way he wants to.  We haven’t really had very cold winters lately which has made it a lot easier to get out there.

I actually met up with an older gentleman recently at a black bass meeting who is quite the deep spoon fisherman around here.  Being that it’s a technique I haven’t done much in the past I asked him to come out and show me the ins and outs of the technique.  He’s very accomplished with the spoon and actually pours his own.  Going into the Cherokee Lake event to begin the season, I’m hoping some of those tricks of the trade will help me catch some more fish.

Cherokee Lake should be an interesting event.  I expected it to be a tough one, but judging by the way a lot of the guys caught them before the cut off, we could be in for some big bags of Tennessee smallmouth.  Whatever the case, I’m ready to get this new season started! -SB