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Post BASSFest Wrap Up

Posted by stephen on June 16, 2014

Nickajack on deck.jpg

(Photo: James Overstreet)

As you can probably tell, Nickajack didn’t go quite as planned.  The opportunity to make some noise and get back into the tournament was definitely there.  I ended up weighing in four fish for around 10 lbs and lost one at the boat that would have put me right there.  That’s fishing though and I felt like I made some better decisions at Nickajack than I did at Chickamauga.

My game plan going into the event was to fish the river part of the lake itself and stick it out there.  It fits my comfort zone and I did some flipping wood and fished shoreline areas.  When that current was moving I managed to get my biggest bite of the day.  Unfortunately, that was also the one that never got to take a boat ride back with me.

All in all, I never really felt dialed in at Chickamauga.  After watching BASSTrakk the final day, I found out I was definitely in some of the right areas, but I didn’t fish the way I am most comfortable with.  I spent a lot of time out on the ledges and that just isn’t my preferred way of catching them.  My game plan the first couple days took me away from the bank after 10 am when the current started pulling.  I tried to stick it out on the ledges trying to generate a few big bites that never came.  In hindsight, I feel like if I had stuck to what I feel comfortable with and just went fishing, it would have ended up different.  Clearly, that is hindsight and things did not go as planned, but it was fun to be a part of the first BASSFest.

I’ve got some time before the next tournament at the Delaware River and I’m looking forward to getting out there on the water.  I’ve got some fishing trips lined up and can’t wait to get back out there and just go fishing.  After a tough tournament the best remedy is to get back out on the water and catch some biggins.