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Open for business on Logan Martin

Posted by stephen on May 15, 2013

JSJ-907swim250.jpgI feel like I'm around some really good fish. The best thing is I will have a Live Target Frog, Jewel swim jig and my Mag 5 jig along with a Chatterbait. Fishing shallow and flipping the mag 5. The river has dropped about 3-4 ft in the last five days. There has been a lot of water moved through the  bad thin is they ran very little current today and the lake is just slightly below full pool. Go figure. I think there will be a lot of limits caught and caught in a variety of ways. I'm sticking to my strengths and power fishing shallow. If it goes as planed I might have a giant bag. Normally it doesn't work that way but if it does look out!!

Tune in for the live Weigh-in at 2pm CST here.