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A New Boat for Christmas

Posted by stephen on December 16, 2017


Well, we finally have our new war horse for the 2018 Elite Series season.  After talking to some friends that ran the same rig over the course of the year and wanting to change my mojo, I decided to go with the Triton TR-22 with a Mercury Verado this season.  I just picked it up last week and I like this ride as well as any twenty footer I’ve had in the past.


The TR-22 is about seven inches longer than the 21 and a little heavier overall.  When I go to get on plane, the nose barely comes up, which I like.  The other day when Beau and I were out on the lake, we timed how long it took to get from zero to forty which was only 6.4 seconds.  That Verado has really quick low end throttle response.

With a full tournament load, while Beau and I were fishing a little derby, we hit seventy miles an hour and I haven’t even fooled with the props much yet.  I was very impressed by that, but what’s really going to be an asset is when there is any kind of chop on the water.  There may be some boats that go faster under calm conditions, but with a little bit of a ripple going, it’s hard to beat this one!

Another feature that I’ve really liked is how quiet the engine runs.  Beau and I would be cruising down the lake carrying on a conversation and I’d have to double take to make sure the motor was still running.  It’s nice having the removable console in when you’ve got a passenger; Beau was a big fan during our cold runs across the lake.

Like I mentioned earlier about getting my mojo right, the boat wasn’t the only thing - we got a new Toyota Tundra and gave Beau the old one for his 16th birthday last week.  I’m optimistic that changing some things up this year will help us have a much better season in 2018.

Right after getting the new boat, I threw on some Raymarine Axiom Pros to go take out some of their guys around here.  Something I really want to do is get more confidence in fishing deeper and with these new graphs, I’m already feeling it growing.  Jim from Raymarine showed me a lot of shortcut features that will help be way more efficient on the water.  We really were able to put that Real Vision 3D to work too.

After heading to the back of some creeks and not seeing much of anything, which was odd for this time of year, we headed out to the main river.  Once we got there, the graphs lit up with bait and bass.  Those guys helped show me what to look for with that Real Vision 3D and my confidence has definitely grown just since going out with those guys.

Looking ahead after the holidays, we’ll be getting the jersey and boat wrap figured out, go to some boat shows and head out to do some prefishing and Lake Martin.  January will have a few boat shows lined up and one will be up at Bradley Roy’s dad’s place, Anglers Outpost in Kentucky.  I’m looking forward to boat show season as it’s a great time to catch up with the other anglers and fans as well.

Soon afterwards, I’ll be packing my bags and heading to Lake Martin for four to five days.  I’ve been there a couple times, but it’s been quite some time since our last trip there.  It should be very beneficial to go poke around and look.  The lake is extremely big, but its got a lot of shoreline.  I’m hoping that the water is low, because a lot of the cover that’s usually covered up will be clearly visible.  That tournament should be fairly low weights which falls in line with the way I like to fish.  It should be one where you have to scratch and fight for that weight in the low teens and I’m excited to kick off our season there.

All in all, I like the schedule.  I’ve fished nearly all of these places and have had good finishes at various times at all of them.  Hopefully, these changes will help get us back into the Classic. -SB