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Making Adjustments at Lake Dardanelle

Posted by stephen on May 14, 2014


(Photo: James Overstreet)

With all the clouds and rain, practice actually went very well.  Those conditions aren’t all that appealing for us angler’s, but to the fish, they seem to get a little fired up.  The past two day’s we’ve been getting hit with a lot of rain and with the temperatures plummeting to near record lows tonight, the fishing is definitely going to change.  With this kind of front I’m not entirely sure what it will do to the fishing, but I do know I’m going to have to adjust.  I’ve never come across this kind of front on this lake or in Arkansas before and it kind of reminds me of a fall tournament.

I’m confident that I’ve found some key areas though.  The good thing is I feel like I’m around the right fish to win this thing, but I’m not counting my chickens just yet.  I’ve identified two key stretches that I feel like if I hunker down on, I can milk good limits off either one.  I have a late flight tomorrow so I’ll have a long day which isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.  At least I’ll have an early flight on Friday and can hit some good spots quickly to try and get some quality bites though.

I feel like it’s definitely going to be a shallow deal.  I know it will be for me at least.  I’m right at home fishing 8 feet of water and less and will be focusing on that come tomorrow.  It almost sets up like the Red for me, strategy wise, and I’m hoping we can duplicate those results at Dardanelle.  Anyways, it’s good to be fishing a familiar fishery, close to home.  I’m really excited to get this one kicked off.  Anything could happen and I’m just hoping to be there Sunday with a chance to win this thing! -SB