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Louisiana the Great

Posted by stephen on May 5, 2014


(Photo: James Overstreet)

Louisiana has been very good to me the past few weeks.  A win, a Classic berth, and a check, has got my confidence up and has me loving the Louisiana fisheries even more.  Toledo Bend is a place I’ve had some history on and is a place I enjoy coming to.  This event really shined brightly on what kind of fishery they have at the Bend with some excellent weights for the tournament.


(Photo: David Hunter Jones)

In practice I found some fish on bed, some fish relating to the shad spawn, and some fish offshore.  The thing was, during the tournament my bedding and shad spawn fish were not really home.  I scraped together a couple decent limits the first two days and the third day I solely went to a Carolina Rig offshore.  That was definitely a good choice.  I caught plenty of fish, but never was able to get that 7-8 pound bite that will take you over that 20 pound mark.

It’s great to do well and get some Angler of the Year points, because I really want to double qualify for the Classic.  Last year I wasn’t able to qualify through the points and felt like I fished out of my comfort zone.  I’m definitely fishing to make it through the points this year and there are a couple events coming up where I feel like I have a chance to win.  The next event at Lake Dardanelle and this summer at Cayuga Lake, fall right in my wheelhouse and I’m going to pull out all the stops to win those events.

Looking into the next event at Dardanelle, I’m very excited.  I wouldn’t call it my home lake, but it’s pretty darn close.  The key for me will be to approach it with an open mind, because sometimes having a lot of knowledge of a lake can hurt you.  I don’t want to overlook anything or get stuck in something that has worked in the past.  I feel good about this one and if nothing else, I think I’ll at least be around the winning fish come tournament time. -SB