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Lake Seminole Was Good To Me

Posted by stephen on March 15, 2014


(Photo: James Overstreet)

This tournament was the one I was most nervous about going into the season.  To come out with a top 25 finish I’m extremely grateful.  As I mentioned before, sight fishing isn’t my preferred method of fishing.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be able to catch some really important fish by just “going fishing” with one of my favorite baits out there, the Chatterbait.  I managed to get the most bites I had the whole time I was here on each tournament day which is definitely when to get them.  It was a grind each day and I had six bites again, but was lucky enough to capitalize on all of them.

I went into today with the mindset that I was going out with an open mind and just figure it out as I went along.  I was blessed with a 3.5 lb keeper on the Chatterbait in the morning and also one over 5 lbs.  I then had a long period without any action before I found one on a bed and put another keeper in the boat.  I just kept plugging away and managed to catch a 6 lber from the same area as the 5 lber I caught earlier and ended up filling out a limit of 19-4 and a 24th place finish.  Lake Seminole was good to me this week and I’m very happy to get out of here with a solid finish and to get back on track after a disappointing Classic.

It’s time to head to the St. John’s and get ready for another sight fishing type deal.  At the St. John’s there are usually a lot of 1-2 lb males everywhere and then you’ll find a big girl in with them.  I’m hoping to whack a big bag early that will hopefully be enough to keep the momentum going.  Thank you to everyone for your support and I’ll check back with you at the St. John’s.  Have a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend and be safe.