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Off to Lake Nickajack for Redemption

Posted by stephen on June 12, 2014

 Chick Stephen B Day one.jpg

(Photo: James Overstreet)

Here I come Nickajack!  I’m sure after reading that first sentence you can probably assume my day didn’t go quite as planned.  The good thing is I have another chance to get back in on Saturday and I think Nickajack set’s up well for the way I like to fish.  I didn’t practice there because I mean c’mon, how of a jinx would that be?

So, I started off fishing shallow today, which is how I caught all of my fish on Day 1.  After a few hours though, I realized that wasn’t going to happen so I made my way out to the ledges.  Those ledges are such a timing deal and I just wasn’t able to hit it right today.

On a more positive note, let’s talk about BASSfest a little bit.  First off, it really is a great event and I’m glad to be able to be a part of it.  Lake Chickamauga is an amazing fishery that really does have some giant bass.  I mean we had a near 11 lber weighed in today!  It’s also a cool format that gives the guys who didn’t make the top 12 another chance to get back into the action at Lake Nickajack.

Thanks to everyone for their support.  I’m going to get after it tomorrow and try and get back into this thing!