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ICast and St. Lawrence River Recap

Posted by stephen on August 9, 2015

LiveTarget Sunfish.jpg

(LiveTarget Hollow Body Sunfish)

ICast 2015 was really interesting, I had a great time.  Congratulations to three of my sponsors for winning awards: LiveTarget, St. Croix, and Lew’s.  It's awesome to be affiliated with such great companies.  ICast is always a good time, it's a busy atmosphere with great people.  It's one of the only times you get to spend so much quality time face to face with sponsors instead on communicating through e-mail and phone calls.  I was able to shoot videos for Tackle Warehouse and other great retailers.  There are so many great new products launching that I cannot wait to start trying out.


Stephen St. Lawrence Day 1.jpg

(Photo: James Overstreet)

The Elite event at the St. Lawrence kept me on my toes.  Each day I made the long fifty mile run to Alexandria Bay.  I don't think too many other competitors headed there, but the pleasure boater’s sure did.  Day one my run was clear, it was smooth sailing; there weren't many pleasure boats around so the river was fairly calm.  I was able to fill my livewell: three on a frog and two off a chatterbait.  Day two was rough, the bay was full of pleasure boats but I was able to keep my head in the game and fish clean.  Day three they wouldn't commit... they would come right up but wouldn’t eat it.  It was frustrating.  I think the cold front may have gotten to them.  I learned a good bit on the water.  It was a fun place to fish, I even caught a good number of smallies while fishing shallow. 

After the St. Lawrence, I jumped about sixteen spots in the points.  I still need about twenty more to qualify for the Classic.  The next two events at the Chesapeake and St. Clair definitely fit right into my wheelhouse though.   Practice for the Chesapeake starts tomorrow and I'm looking forward to putting in work!  - SB