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I Love New York Fishing

Posted by stephen on August 20, 2014


Did I mention that I love fishing in New York?  Well, if I didn’t now’s the time to say it.  After a tough tournament like the Delaware River was, it’s great to get to a place where bites are plentiful.  That’s Cayuga.  Fortunately, I also had the opportunity to hit up one of THE best fisheries in the country as well, the 1000 Islands too.

IMG951387.jpgThe 1000 Islands is chock full of both largemouth and smallmouth bass with some real giants, especially with the smallmouth’s.  It’s just a fun place to fish, because you can fish for either one and catch a 20 lb bag!  The one day, I targeted solely largemouth and easily had over 20 with my best five.  There’s not too many places in the country where you can catch that kind of weight with both species of fish.  It’s truly a treat.  If you haven’t been up there, I strongly recommend fishing there, as it is an amazing fishery and beautiful as well.

Let's get back to Cayuga.  The fishing is heating up.  Practice went well and I was able to get a good amount of bites.  I think most of the field won’t have trouble getting bites, but catching the right quality will be everything.  I’m expecting a lot of 16-17 lb bags in this event.  I didn’t stick a lot of the fish, so I’m hoping they turn out to be the right kind.  There should be some 20 lb bags in this event and I hope I’m lucky enough to be one of them.  The fishery looks extremely healthy with the grass really coming in well after a cold winter.  I’m looking forward to this event and feel pretty good about it.  I like these kind of tournaments.  I’m ready to kick off the final Elite Series event, let’s finish in style. -SB