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Holiday Recap and Getting Ready for the Season

Posted by stephen on January 6, 2016

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What does a bass fisherman do when they don’t have a boat?  In my case, it’s been a lot of kicking back and enjoying the holidays.  I recently let my old boat go to its new owner after getting it all cleaned up.  I usually don’t like to be boatless for any period of time, but my Triton was almost ready to roll out of the factory.  They were down for the holidays, but I should have it very soon.  The saving grace recently not having my boat was the fact that the weather has been so bad.  With all the storms and rain we’ve had over the last month, all the lakes came up about ten feet and were relatively unfishable.

I’ve had plenty to do lately with Christmas, catching up on the honey do’s, and college football games.  Thankfully, my Arkansas Razorback’s won their bowl game and looked good doing it!  We had a great Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family.  I even  managed to hit the water on our little two man boat at the pond around the house.  I caught around twenty five which was fun even though they were mostly rats.

Looking ahead this month and into February, I’ve got a photo shoot with Z-Man at the Louisiana Delta.  We’re going to do a little fishing for both redfish and bass which I’m really looking forward to.  We’ll be fishing about thirty to fourty miles upstream of where it dumps into the Gulf and I have some old school areas from the last Classic I want to try.  With all the changing in that system, I hope I will be able to get to those old areas.

I’ll also be starting my travel to prepractice the first part of the Elite Season and end up in at the Atchafalaya Basin by the end of the three week journey.  First stop will be down in Palatka, FL, to poke around the St. John’s River.  From there, I’ll head to South Carolina and Winyah Bay, which being tidal, it should be great practice for the final stop for the Central Open at the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana.

On a side note, if you’ve got your BASS Times this week you may have noticed a certain shallow water power fisherman from Arkansas on the cover.  It was very cool be able to show off the new squarebill crankbait from LiveTarget.  Big thanks to Mark Hicks on the great photo! -SB