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Here comes the sun... when?

Posted by stephen on April 4, 2013

Day One: 7.2 - 92nd Place
Douglas Lake - Dandridge, TN, Apr 4 - 6, 2013

photo - James Overstreet

Sure, I only caught 7.2 and it was tough out there. But it's springtime, isn't it? Where is the sun? With launch temps in the 30s and rain, rain and more rain, it wasn't the best of times on the water today. It was definitely a top-10 memorable day for me — and not in a good way.

The whole aspect of fishing is feel and touch, and I don't think my hands ever thawed out today to give me that. It's been 3 or 4 hours since we weighed-in and my hands are still hurting.

But lets look at what's ahead instead of what's behind. After day 2, they cut the field to the top 12. Figuring the cut to be about 32 pounds, I'm going to need a big bag tomorrow. And there are some big 'ole fish in this lake. And it's no secret, 90% of the big bags today came in as a result of the Alabama Rig. Banging the banks here isn't going to cut it. With my sights set on 25 lb+ bag, I need to give them what they want. Big presentation = big bites!

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