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Guntersville Recap and Alabama River Practice

Posted by stephen on April 14, 2015

Stephen Guntersville Take off.jpg

(Photo: James Overstreet)

Guntersville is full of big ones and in practice I felt there was no reason I couldn’t sack twenty pounds a day.  Unfortunately, twenty pound bags were swimming around me and not swimming around in my livewells in this one.  I don’t think I’ve ever been around so many and not been able to catch them before and I’m still baffled as to why.


In practice, I did some looking around for bedding fish, but got enough bites and caught enough big ones just going fishing with a chatterbait.  I preferred not to have to sight fish if I had the choice and the fishing was so good that it didn’t seem like I needed to anyway.  That’s where I put my efforts and put the sight fishing deal on the back burner.

During the first day of the event I struggled early and never got a keeper bite until around 10:30-11am.  In this type of tournament it is very important to have a limit in the first couple hours and it had me playing from behind the whole event.  The areas I found were text book places that the fish would be coming and going into and out of.  Looking through Bassmaster I even saw some of the top finishers fishing in the areas I was in so I know the fish were there which made it even more frustrating.

I’m putting Guntersville behind me though and trying to catch some bass at the Alabama River now.  It’s always good when you have an opportunity to get back on track so soon.  The Alabama River isn’t your run of the mill river fishing like I’m used to though.  It’s got some of its own unique characteristics that add some additional challenge to the whole thing.  So far, it’s been a grind.  Last time we were here that water was up, so you knew those fish were up near the bank.  With the water lower than before, it seems like those fish are scattered out a bit more which will make it tricky.  At any rate though, I’m confident that by the time this thing starts I’ll have a solid game plan in place.  It’s a great place to get that momentum back in the right direction. -SB