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Getting Ready to Kick the 2016 Season into Gear

Posted by stephen on February 10, 2016

 New Boat Rigged 2016.jpg

It’s about time to kick off another Bassmaster Elite Series season again.  Up until recently, I had been taking it easy and getting things ready to hit the road.  I sold my last year’s boat the week before last and I picked up my new Triton for the season.  I still have to put on my new electronics and do a couple other little things to the boat, but it will be tournament ready by the time I head down to the St. John’s tomorrow.  

I was planning on going to Georgetown to do some pre-practicing for our event on Winyah Bay, but I decided to hold off on it for at least a week.  I called my buddy that lives down there late last week and he said they were going to get about four inches of rain over the weekend.  With the rivers being in flood stage it just wouldn’t have been a productive time to go.

I’m not big on prefishing, but on a new river system like Winyah Bay, I find it very important for navigation.  With it being such a large body of water I need to dissect it into smaller areas to help make my official practice more productive.  It’ll be about snooping around to eliminate areas that just won’t hold fish.  My approach to this event is much like the Sabine River.  There are a lot of good looking areas at that place that they just don’t live in and I know it’ll be there same at Winyah Bay.

I have been hitting the water some around home with my son.  We’ll be catching them pretty well for a few days and then a front will blow through and make it tough.  Like a lot of the country we’ve been having a lot of fronts blow through which has slowed the fishing down as of late.  Usually around mid-February here in Arkansas things will stabilize some so when I get back it should be prime time to hit the water.  Until then, I’ve got some work to do at the St. John’s and Winyah Bay. -SB