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Frustration at Cayuga

Posted by stephen on August 24, 2014

Stephen on Caygua.jpg

(Photo: David Hunter Jones)

Frustrating. That’s the best way to describe this week at Cayuga.  The thing is, I really felt good going into this event, but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be.  The fishery is tremendous and there are a lot of big fish in it.  I just couldn’t find that consistent bite for those above average sized fish.  It seemed like most of us found the same areas, as is usually the case.  I’m not much for fishing in a crowd, so I tried to avoid doing that this week and it didn’t work to my advantage.


Practice went very well.  I was able to get a lot of bites (shook most off) and have a number of areas that I felt held some good fish.  A lot of those bites coming on Z-Man Zinkerz. Come tournament time, those big fish were elusive.  As I mentioned, most of us were fishing the same water and a lot of the areas I drove to were covered up, so I kept moving if that was the case.  Grass beds and dock’s were the deal for this event and the dock’s especially got a lot of pressure.  They had some really nice fish on them and some guys did well fishing them or at least mixing them in to their game plans.  I tried to do so, but it never panned out.

I’m disappointed with my finish and the fact that I fell down a bit in the final Angler of the Year standings.  The only way I know to fix this is to go to the Arkansas River and give it everything I have.  I’m of fan of the Arkansas River and have a chance to win the points in the Bassmaster Central Opens.  I want a win there to finish this season right! -SB