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Falcon Post Reflection - "Fish Your Strengths"

Posted by stephen on March 26, 2013

falconSunset_200.jpgHow many times will it take for me to understand that I have to be more versatile in practice? I choose to break the Falcon into three sections. Smart move. There were guys fishing these three areas during the top 12. Where I missed the boat was I committed to the deep bite during my practice. I did the same thing at Toledo Bend last year and I ended up in the same boat—SUNK!!!

My strengths in fishing are related to fish that are in that 0-10 ft range. That is the depth that I feel most comfortable fishing. So why do I continue to fish the 20 ft plus water when I know the odds are stacked against me?...I guess it's the same reason I buy a lottery ticket when the prize hits a big number. Hopping to hit the mother load. Still hasn't happened. After failing miserably for a day and a half during the tournament, I finally picked up my 7'11" Legend Xtreme St Croix, 65 lb Gamma Torque and a Super Duty Lew's reel and went to work flipping a Z-Man Palmetto Bug (beaver style bait) rigged on a 5/16 tungsten weight. In three hours I had four fish for 15lbs.

I drove home just wondering what would have happened if I would have had my Mercury powered Live Target Triton up in the shallows finding these fish during practice. I can only imagine I would have been in some good areas and around a lot more fish than I was out there in 25 ft of water around nothing. My message to you is, "If you have time to spend on the water, don't spend all your time in a specific water depth unless you are getting the bites to prove your decision is a good one."

I was managing to get 6-8 bites a day out deep, but that was being on the water for 12 hours. Not the 8 hours we were allowed for the tournament. Fish your strengths folks and understand that a paycheck and points are a good thing. Your time to win will come and when that time comes you will get the right gut feeling the morning of blast off. - SB