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Falcon Forecast - The fish aren't in a barrel

Posted by stephen on March 20, 2013

liveTarget200.jpgIt's tough out here. I've found a few as I scour the areas in practice but not really quite dialed in yet. I think the pressure on this lake is the main factor. They're getting beat up by the locals and beat up by us. With the water down like it is, the limited amount of cover is getting hit hard. So it might be a case where I'm going to have to go bit out of the box here and hit them with the unexpected. As odd as it may seem on Falcon, I might drop down to some 10 lb. and go finesse on these bass. I know the norm is bigger-the-better with these Falcon bass but sometimes you have to shake things up a bit and fish in the moment. If they aren't reacting to the big meals, give them a little bite-size treat that's hard to resist.

As I eliminate water in practice, I'm encouraged by the increased bites I'm getting. The fish I am brining in are pretty spent though. They are definitely in post-spawn condition and long and skinny. So I don't think it's going to be a wide-open slammer, so capitalizing on those handful of bites a day is going to be key. The strike zone is pretty tight right now so I'm just going to have to be thorough as I go through my areas. And my Live Target crankbaits are going to allow me to attack the water column at the depths I need.

Weather wise, it looks like it's going to be pretty stable for us. With the wind down, the whole lake will be open to us. I'm off to find a few more and little heavier than the rest.

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