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Devastating End in Detroit

Posted by stephen on August 30, 2015

 Stephen St. Clair Elite.jpg

(Photo: James Overstreet)

This season has had its ups and downs.  This past week in Detroit I would categorize as the latter.  After watching the tournament coverage on Sunday, it made me sick.  A lot of the guys that made it to Championship Sunday were fishing in the same area that I had fished throughout the event.  The difference for me was I never was able to get a good bite in two days on the water.  I knew I was around the right quality of fish and watching the tournament coverage only solidified that notion for me.  With a lot riding on this event I fell just short of the first cut and qualifying for the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.

My practice went well at St. Clair.  I fished an area that seemed to hold not only a lot of fish, but also the right quality as well.  One day of practice I could have had around twenty five pounds of those beautiful St. Clair smallmouth.  It gave me confidence in the area and also a couple baits that I was throwing.

During the event, I fished within talking distance of a number of competitors.  One of the competitors that was within thirty yards of me was Todd Faircloth.  As we fished around the area, he dropshotted his way to the cut and eventually the tournament win.  I was throwing both a swimbait and a spybait and although I was catching fish, for some reason I couldn’t get those bigger bites which made all of the difference when the weights are stacked so close.

It was tough leaving Detroit feeling like I left a lot of money on the table from making the cut and Angler of the Year.  Over the fourteen hour drive I had plenty of time to think about what happened and I assure you I spent a solid ten hours of the trip going over it all in my head.  After analyzing the event, I came to the understanding that there is obviously nothing I could do.  It’s too late to go back and change those on the water decisions, so what’s the point of beating yourself up about it.

The good to take out of the whole thing is that I learned a lot about St. Clair this past week.  It’s definitely a fun fishery and I look forward to getting back there again soon for some redemption.  The other good to come from this is that I don’t have long before I can go out and have a opportunity for some more immediate redemption at Ft. Gibson for the Bassmaster Central Open.  I can assure you those fish better look out because I’m coming in mad at them.  I’m going to head up Saturday and spend at least a couple days putting my Raymarine units to work and burning a lot of gas idling with my Mercury ProXS.  This event should set up very well for me, but I know to win one of these things you have to put in the time finding those obscure spots and that’s what I’m looking to do.  That Classic berth is still well within grasp. -SB