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Chasing Deer and Off Season Updates

Posted by stephen on October 6, 2014

Beau Buck.jpeg

Well, since the last time we’ve written, the Lew’s fishing writer’s conference has come and gone, I’ve been out chasing deer with my son Beau, and signed a new electronics deal.  Beau was able to take one down recently which was a treat.  His deer was one we needed to cull to keep good genetics in the heard and great practice for that big one that walks down our path.  It’s always good to get away from fishing for a bit, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind and I’m getting right back after it soon.


The writer’s conference was held at the powerhouse Tennessee River impoundment, Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee.  Unfortunately, at the time it was fishing very tough.  The weekend prior had a tournament with nearly three hundred boats and a front blew threw the week of the shoot.  We did manage to catch a few and it’s always fun to get together for these media type events.  It’s the life blood of our sport.

As I mentioned, we also signed a new deal for the 2015 with electronics company Raymarine.  I’m very excited to get out there and learn the nuances of the units and have heard nothing but great things from other angler’s involved with them.  My offshore game is something I really want to improve and I think after running other electronics for many years, this will give me a fresh start at it.  It should come in handy practicing for the 2015 Classic at Lake Hartwell.

I’m waiting on my new Triton for the 2015 season to get finished up so I can sell my boat from this season.  I already have a buyer, so I’m trying to get it cleaned up for him in the meantime.  I’m ready to get my new Raymarine units on the new Triton and get to work this winter.  Like any other sport you have to stay on top of it to keep your edge.  That means sticking it out during the winter on the cold, blustery days brushing up on offshore techniques.  I’m also looking forward to seeing the Open’s schedule’s for next season.  Hopefully, some of the Northern Open’s will fit in between some our our Elite schedule.  For now, time to get back in the woods. -SB