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A Chance to Do Something Special on the Red

Posted by stephen on September 28, 2016


We’re just about ready to kick off the second Bassmaster Central Open at the Red River tomorrow and that means a couple things; the first is having the chance for a back to back to back win on the Red.  This river system has been very good to me in the past and I feel like I have a chance to do well every time we come here.  The other story for this week is the opportunity to make the Classic.  With the Elite Season over and two Central Opens left we are still very much alive in the hunt for a Classic berth and what better place to start than the Red.

The event on the Mississippi River in LaCrosse went much the same as our prior events there for me.  I managed to cash a check again, but haven’t been able to get out of that thirty to forty range yet.  It’s all about the four pound bite there with so many smaller fish available it’s the golden ticket each day.  I fished a lot of backwater and figured that’s where I needed to put a lot of my focus.  I tried some main river, but with all of the rain and mud it really jacked things up for me and a lot of people that went to that lower pool.  With that water rising I went to scrambling around days two and three and was just one good bite away from a top twenty.

Mille Lacs went ok for me.  I had four fish the first day and four fish the last.  It really is an awesome fishing lake, but I think we hit it just a bit early with the late summer we had this year.  I had some good practices, but those were all day things.  It definitely wasn’t easy to just go out and catch those huge bags like some guys were doing, but I’m pretty sure we caught them a lot better than they had been in most of the local stuff up until that point.  That’s really a testament to what these Elite guys can do.

I got into the Red this past weekend and started practice Sunday.  The river can fish so small that I really didn’t want to overdo it in practice.  The floods last year and this year have seemed to really taken a toll on the fishery and seems to have affected the population.  I hit some areas Monday where I can almost always get a bite or two and only ended up getting one bite in the course of a whole fishing day.  After that, I knew this was going to be a tough event.  I think the weights will be somewhere in the thirty eight to thirty nine pound range to win which is less than it normally would take.  A lot of the backwaters are nearly inaccessible and I bet one of these guys with a flat bottom boat could do some damage this week.

I have found a few decent areas, but they will have a lot of pressure.  I would say they’ll probably only hold up for a day or day and half at the most.  It will definitely be more of a struggle on day three than it normally is.  I like those kind of events though and if I can get to that last day, even if it’s in twelfth place, I’d feel pretty good. -SB