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Bull Shoals Post Show

Posted by stephen on April 22, 2013


We had some weather issues this event, but to be honest, it didn't really affect my game plan. I would have fished the same areas, same baits, same depth, etc. I do know they were coming up hard during practice but backed off because of the cold front. I was hoping they would be a little more fired-up but it never really happened. Considering I put in a lot of time on a shallow pattern, that might have backfired on me.

The spotted bass that I had to weigh-in set me back a bit, and if I could have replaced those with chunkier smallmouths, adding 3 or 4 pounds, that could have made a difference in a tournament like this.

I did get a chance to put a new bait from Live Target Lures through its paces. We're calling it the Ozark Craw. This new bait features a round bill and real erratic action. It will run straight, then run off and come back around on track. It was inspired by an old Midwest favorite, the Wiggle Wart. I've been using it on a more aggressive 6.41 Lews reel with 10-pound Gamma Line and running down into the cover about 6 - 8 feet. It's not ready for release yet but you should be hearing about it more and more.

In hindsight, I might have been a step or two ahead of the fishes thinking. I figured they would be a little higher up in the water column in the 10-foot range. But after hearing some of the guys getting them on a Carolina-rigs out a little deeper, I was just missing them. And in this tournament, 5 feet and 5 lbs made all the difference.

Now we have back-to-back-to-back-back... well, a full month of tournaments coming up. When we sat down to look at the year, we looked at this stretch and knew it was going to be tough. Not only on me, but my family as well. But the thing about stretches like this, you get on a roll and that momentum keeps building and carries you through. That's what I'm out to build. Next event - The Red River. See you on the water - SB.