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Bucks, Bows and Big Bass

Posted by stephen on October 27, 2017

beau deer 2017.jpeg

It’s been a good past month after a tough Elite Series season.  After ending on a good note in the final Bassmaster Central Open at Grand, I’ve been enjoying some time with the family.  This week we celebrated my beautiful wife’s 29th (wink, wink) birthday, again, with Beau and some friends which was a great evening.  We’ve been out in the woods quite a bit, but it has still been too hot to hunt much.  Despite the weather, Beau was able to get a nice buck with his bow last week and it was a treat to share that with him.

I got back this week after spending the past weekend down at Sam Rayburn for the Sealy Big Bass Splash.  I was mostly there to work the event, but every year they have a little side tournament for all the pros for some bragging rights.  It’s always a good time, and this year was no different; there were some nice fish caught as expected.

Leading up to the event I spoke to a guy that I had sold a boat to whose dad guides on the lake.  Leading up to the Big Bass Splash, he was reporting catching a six to seven pounder each time out.  It just goes to show how good Rayburn really is.  We may even get to make our way back here next year as they haven’t announced where Toyota Texas Fest will be yet.  Having it at Rayburn wouldn’t be a bad thing… I can tell you that!

After the way the 2017 Elite Series season went, it was really a good confidence booster to finish well at Grand.  Day one was a little disappointing after not being able to get that fifth fish in the boat.  Bites were definitely at a premium there and fortunately on day two I managed six keeper bites and put five of them in the boat.  I actually caught them of the same stretch and went back there later and never got a bite.  It just goes to show you how fickle this time of year can be.

This is also the time of year I get to have some face time with some of my sponsors during various media events and meetings like the one in Little Rock.  It’s always good to see my friends from St. Croix rods and LiveTarget since we don’t get as much one on one time during the season. It also allows us to talk about some new products and brainstorm some future ideas.

We’re also going to try to make it out to Kansas for our annual deer hunt if the weather ever gets cool enough.  We’ll be keeping an eye on that and I’m hoping for some good weather as that’s always a trip I enjoy.  I only get to see my friends out there about once a year so it’s treat.

I’m also looking forward to next year.  We’ll be signing up for the Central Opens soon and I am especially excited for them since Beau and his fishing buddy will be tagging along fishing as co-anglers.  It’ll be a new experience for them as well as myself.  I know it’ll be a fun time and it’ll be good for them to get a little taste of the Central Opens.

Until then, we’ll just be trying to hit the woods and the water some more and enjoy a little bit of down time with the family.  Before we know it we will be getting the new boat and starting to work on tackle for the upcoming season.  – SB