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Big Bass at the Bend

Posted by stephen on May 24, 2016

 SB Toledo.jpg

The drive home from Toledo Bend was a whole lot better than Wheeler!  I had a pretty decent practice.  Day one I went South.  There were tons of Elite guys and locals all over the Southern end but I felt I had some areas I could catch a few.  I was able to catch a few here and there but nothing solid.  Day two I ran about twenty miles in the other direction which ended up a great move.  I got about 40 flipping bites which definitely had me on the right track.  Based on that I felt I could catch 17 – 18lb and if I got the big bite every day I could push that 20lb mark – that’s exactly what happened.

I had a solid start to the tournament.  My first fish of day two was the biggest bass I have weighed in BASS competition, weighing in at 9-5 (big bass for the tournamen - video here).  My previous big bass was at 8-13 at Okeechobee.  Day three I had none of the big bites I needed but still made the cut.  Day four nothing went right.  I don’t know if it was the pressure or what.  I had the opportunity for 20lbs, but didn’t capitalize.  I had two kill my swim jig that didn’t get it.  I would flip in afterwards and they still wouldn’t eat it.   I had a biggin in the bushes bite and I poured the coals to him but swung and missed.  I also had a big one eat my swimbait but I couldn’t get that one in the boat either.  Day four didn’t go as I would have hoped, but if you are going to stumble any day then that’s the one to do it on.  Realistically, I thought I could move to 5th or 6th with a good day with how close the weights were.  A handful of guys caught them really good three days in a row.

I’ve only had about three bad days of fishing all year.  Two of the days were at Wheeler where the fish moved on me.  The other was at Norfork where I made a boneheaded decision.  It has been a flipping deal just about everywhere this year which I abandoned at Norfork.  Wheeler was similar, a guy almost won in the bushes. 

We got a couple more weeks off before the first Central Open at the Arkansas River.  This past week I got to do a photoshoot for Plano on Table Rock Lake.  I drug my boat down to Kentucky Lake for the Triton Boat Owner’s Tournament.  It was a busy but fun week.  I’m looking forward to slowing it down and enjoying sometime at the house and spending time with the family.  Maybe we will go on a fishing trip or two before I head out again.  -SB