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Bassmaster Central Open at Lake Amistad Practice Period

Posted by admin on February 5, 2014


When fishing Amistad you typically mentally prepare for a shootout.  This year, however, it is not the same Amistad that many of us know: layers of clothing, junk fishing, and going hours in between bites has become the norm for me and many other anglers.  I am really looking forward to it though.  These grind it out, tough tournaments are definitely my style and the current conditions ultimately level out the playing field and make it anyone’s game.

Throughout practice, I fished many different ways and have not been able to get on a distinct pattern – one bite here or there has been the case.  I think this tournament could be won without catching a limit each day, which I know seems crazy for Amistad.  The big fish will definitely be the wildcard.

With that being said, my strategy will be to go with a few confidence baits and grind it out each day.  Who knows what could happen?  There are still a few of those mammoth Amistad bass swimming around and I’ll be looking to trick a few into biting.  Remember to tune in Thursday – Saturday to Bassmaster.com for the live weigh-ins.  I hope to be coming across your screens on Saturday!