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A Balmy Start the 2015 Bassmaster Classic

Posted by stephen on February 19, 2015


It looks like it’ll be a balmy twenty degrees by the time I make my first cast to kick of the 2015 Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro.  With extra cold temperatures awaiting us tomorrow morning, BASS decided to delay tomorrow’s take off by an hour and a half.  For safety reasons, I completely understand and agree with the call. There are a lot of guys that it will affect that were depending on that morning bite.  I did find that right off the bat there was usually a small flurry, but I’m not too worried about it. Like I’ve been preaching to myself it’s all about patience and not getting worked up about things.

Yesterday, we had our final look at Lake Hartwell before we hit the water for the Classic.  I made it a point to not fish anything I hit in the earlier practice period and was happy with all that went on.  I worked through areas fairly quickly in order to cover as much high percentage stuff that I could fish.  I only had about four bites, but two of those fish were the ones I want to have tomorrow. 

After this last practice day I feel like I have three solid areas to fish.  Even with the shortened fishing day I feel like if I can manage five or so bites, they’ll be the right kind to make some noise in the event.  Like I said though, tomorrow is all about staying alive.  If I can catch myself a solid bag in that 13-14 lb range, I’ll be right in the mix for the weekend.

Timing will be critical in this type of cold water event.  Yesterday in practice all of my bites came in a forty five minute window in the afternoon.  I’ve got my game plan set and I plan on mixing a little deep and a little shallow tomorrow.  It’s shaping up to be a grind and I love those kind of events.  Whatever is meant to happen will happen.  I just hope my patience this week will be the difference maker. -SB