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Back to work on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail

Posted by stephen on June 21, 2013

photo - Darren Jacobson

After a month off, it's good to be back on the water. But believe me, the break was nice. After going non-stop in April and May, a little R&R and family time was nice. But now it's back to work on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail. And we're on a river system here in Lacrosse, WI on the Mississippi River. That's my wheelhouse. But as I've found out, not all rivers are the same — in fishing and rules.

After day one, I'm sitting in 66th. But without dwelling on it, I should have been sitting near the top 20. That's because I culled a 2 1/2 pounder in the afternoon but on the MN side of the river. That's a no cull zone. So my count went from 5 to 4 and my weight dropped to 11-5. Live and learn, right? But with the weights the way they are and my confidence on river systems, I'm far from out of it. I just need to bring in a 10 to 12 pound bag on Friday and we're fishing the weekend.

The thing about this place is that they tend to gang up pretty good. So when find yourself on a school, you can fill the well pretty quickly. I have a few areas that I've yet to hit because I spent a little too much time on other spots. But I'm looking to get things going early on Friday to get a little weight going. Then I'm going to switch up later to round out the day. God willing, we'll take it to the weekend - SB

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