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Back in the saddle in New York.

Posted by stephen on August 7, 2013


After a break from the tour and a detour to Las Vegas for iCast 2013, we’re back at it here in New York on the St. Lawrence River. I’m recharged and ready to go.

So what can we expect on St. Lawrence? Well it’s no surprise we’re all breaking out the spinning gear and dropping down to 8 and 10 lb. test. Lots of tubes and the like are being packed into the tackle lockers. That’s the ticket up here in the north. We’ve got clear water in the 20-30ft visibility range and the drop shots will be on display on our bow graphs dangled in front of some chunky smallmouths. With that said, it’s time to be one better than the competition.

The weather isn’t going to a factor, which is going to open the door for some long runs but my plan is to not venture too far off the river. I’ve found my share in practice and I have no doubt it’s going to take 80 pounds to win this thing. So I’m heading out looking for 20 lbs. of smallmouth to fill the well each day. Time to get to work. See you on stage Thursday.