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From the Alabama River to the West Coast

Posted by stephen on April 27, 2015


We’re here in Sacramento, California practicing for the Sacramento River event after a couple pit stops along the way.  We’ll start off by recapping the Alabama River event and then get into the past week on the road and at the St. Croix Rods Writer’s Conference over on Lake Powell.


To sum up the Alabama River during the Bassmaster Southern Open, I would say it was weird.  The river was running at a steady pace during practice, but like happens before a lot of these events, things changed as they dropped the water.  When I pulled up to my first area in the tournament the water had fell about three feet.  I started fishing around anyway and managed a couple big ones (a four plus and three plus pound spot).  I managed to start the event within striking distance and felt like I had a chance to make the cut.

I went into the same area on day two and noticed that the water had come back up.  I got a lot more bites, but the quality that I found on day one proved to be elusive as I brought in a small bag of fish.  I just didn’t feel like I ever put it in front of the big ones on day two.

Looking back on the event the only thing I may have done differently was to stay in the middle section of the river.  After covering a ton of water in practice it was obvious that that section of the river did not fluctuate as much as other parts of the river.  The changing conditions made for tough decisions and on day two I just didn’t run into the right fish.


After the event I got to spend a little over twenty four hours at home before I had to turn back around and point the boat and truck west, towards California.  I got to break up the long trip from Arkansas by going to a writer’s conference on Lake Powell with St. Croix Rods.  A lot of the St. Croix people were there and we had a good time.  I limped into Sacramento on Friday and got to relax and do some rigging tackle over the weekend before hitting the water for the first practice day today.

Being in Sacramento this year is different than the other times we visited the famous California Delta.  The other times we have been here we were home based out of Stockton, which is much closer to the actual Delta and a majority of the prime fishing locations. Being in Sacramento will possibly add another couple hours to our travel time, which could make things interesting.  The better quality fish definitely live in the Delta and if that’s how far we’ve got to run, I can assure you I’ll be running there.

The Delta is a fun place to fish and really suits my style well.  It’s a tidal fishery, but a lot of your traditional river fishing applies which has fared well for me in the past.  The two times we’ve been here before I finished 3rd and 6th, so I’m excited to keep that streak alive.  At any rate, I’m going to grind them out here for the next couple days and figure out what kind of a game plan we’ll have come Thursday. -SB