Getting Ready to Kick the 2016 Season into Gear

Posted by stephen on February 10, 2016

 New Boat Rigged 2016.jpg

It’s about time to kick off another Bassmaster Elite Series season again.  Up until recently, I had been taking it easy and getting things ready to hit the road.  I sold my last year’s boat the week before last and I picked up my new Triton for the season.  I still have to put on my new electronics and do a couple other little things to the boat, but it will be tournament ready by the time I head down to the St. John’s tomorrow.  

Holiday Recap and Getting Ready for the Season

Posted by stephen on January 6, 2016

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What does a bass fisherman do when they don’t have a boat?  In my case, it’s been a lot of kicking back and enjoying the holidays.  I recently let my old boat go to its new owner after getting it all cleaned up.  I usually don’t like to be boatless for any period of time, but my Triton was almost ready to roll out of the factory.  They were down for the holidays, but I should have it very soon.  The saving grace recently not having my boat was the fact that the weather has been so bad.  With all the storms and rain we’ve had over the last month, all the lakes came up about ten feet and were relatively unfishable.

Trophy Trout Fishing on Thanksgiving

Posted by stephen on December 4, 2015


The past month has been a pretty relaxing one.  This is one of the times of year that I get to spend a lot more time with my family and I really enjoy it.  For the holidays and my son Beau’s birthday, we rented a camper and spent time chasing stream trout off of Norfork Lake in Arkansas.  The area is for people sixteen years old and less so Beau wanted to get after some trout with the fly rod while he’s still young enough.

Ready for some Recharging after the Season

Posted by stephen on November 2, 2015

Lake Seminole Takeoff BASS.jpg

(Photo: BASS)

It’s time to regroup and recharge.  For the next month or so, it’s all about getting my tackle unpacked and reorganized and changing over from fishing to hunting.  Next week I’m heading to Kansas for my annual hunting trip with some buddies – I always look forward to it.  We all truly have the opportunity for a giant whitetail and there isn’t much talk about fishing which you need sometimes.  This year was one where I felt like I was around them all the time, but couldn’t make it happen.  Lake Seminole was no different.


Lessons Learned at the Rock

Posted by stephen on October 5, 2015

IMG952420.jpgOverall, the bite was tough as expected, but a handful of guys were able to catch some very good bags of fish at Table Rock; especially the winner.  I was very impressed by what James Watson was able to do and my hat goes off to him.  The topwater deal that he was on I just wasn’t able to make work for me.  I tried throwing topwater a lot in practice and started off throwing it in the tournament (even threw that same bait), but could never get on a consistent bite.  After looking back at it, I think I just missed on where to be fishing it to get those big bites.

I got to Table Rock early hoping to figure out some areas and patterns that could help give me a chance to fish on Saturday.  With that Classic bid still not secured, these last two Opens are big.  I actually had a solid practice.  Knowing bites would be tough to come by and weights would be low, I felt like I was around the right fish to put myself in the mix.  On the low end I was catching around fourteen pounds a day and one day had right around twenty fishing with my buddy Mike from Lew’s.  That day was unreal.  We had three over four including a six and five pounder.