Big Bass at the Bend

Posted by stephen on May 24, 2016

 SB Toledo.jpg

The drive home from Toledo Bend was a whole lot better than Wheeler!  I had a pretty decent practice.  Day one I went South.  There were tons of Elite guys and locals all over the Southern end but I felt I had some areas I could catch a few.  I was able to catch a few here and there but nothing solid.  Day two I ran about twenty miles in the other direction which ended up a great move.  I got about 40 flipping bites which definitely had me on the right track.  Based on that I felt I could catch 17 – 18lb and if I got the big bite every day I could push that 20lb mark – that’s exactly what happened.

Norfork/Bull Shoals and Wheeler Lake Recap

Posted by stephen on May 6, 2016


It’s good to be home after two tough weeks of fishing.  Not only was it tough because of the results, but tournament fishing and practicing for two straight weeks is grueling.  Those that don’t think that bass fishing is a sport should come out and experience a full week of practice from dawn until dusk.  The travel can also be one of the most grueling parts.  It takes a lot of stamina to stay focused and fish well.


From Winyah All the Way Through Wheeler

Posted by stephen on April 13, 2016


Well, I made it out of Winyah Bay with some good points and a solid start to the season.  With  two tournaments down, I’m in a much better position than I put myself in last season.  The past two years I’ve started off slowly and spent the rest of the season trying to dig myself out of a hole.  Not having to rely on having a great finish just to get back in the hunt is allowing me to fish very relaxed and it seems to be paying off. 

Recap from the St. John's River Event

Posted by stephen on March 22, 2016

Pre-Practice Wrap Up from the St. John's River

Posted by stephen on February 14, 2016