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1-14 oz. - 73rd place - I'm pumped!

Posted by stephen on March 14, 2013

overstreet_8587sabine200.pngLooking at the leaderboard, it's no secret it was tough out there today. I caught about 10 fish today and only brought one to the stage for a little under 2 pounds and 73rd place. But if you look at the 50 cut, it's only 4 1/2 pounds. Double that and drop a bit for day two and I only need about 6 or 7 pounds to make it to the weekend. So I'm really only a couple keepers and one kicker out of it. So I'm actually pumped.

I'm going to switch up areas tomorrow but I'm confident I can bring in about 7-10 pounds tomorrow. And the thing about this place, finding 15 pounds is very possible. I went a little finesse fishing at times today to get bites but I'm going with my confident bait tomorrow. I have a jewel jig that I helped design that is going to get me what I need tomorrow. I'll do my share of running but I'm going jig fishing tomorrow. It's what I like to do in this kind of water. I'm just looking for 3 bites tomorrow to get me to the weekend. And if the good Lord shines on me tomorrow and I come in with 15 pounds, then I'm right back in this. (photo - James Overstreet)

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